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Building a website is a marriage of communication and science, art and technology, brains and heart.
Communication: You want to build a website that satisfies the needs and addresses well the questions of your potential and current client base.


Science: You want your website to be hosted on a provider with low downtime, so that it will be available constantly to potential and current customers.


Art: You want your website to be attractive to the eye, with pleasing color patterns and pleasant, appropriate visuals.


Technology: You want your website to load quickly and for it to be visible and presentable on all formats, i.e., desktop computers as well as cellphones such as IPhones and Androids.


Brains: You don’t want to spend too much on your website but you don’t want to get stuck with a clunker that’s poorly designed and turns away customers.


Heart: You want a website that represents well the key messages and values of your company.

Before building a website, one should consider:

  • What are the purposes of the website? Usually there is more than one.
  • Are you building brand identity?
  • Do you wish that clients will be able to see a catalog of your products and services?
  • Do you want that clients should be able to purchase products directly from your website?
  • How much revision of content do think will be necessary from time to time on your website?

Top Web Geeks has built many websites and will be happy to walk you through the process of understanding your needs and building a professional quality website you will be proud to show off to your client base.

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