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One of the most amazing advertising platforms of the current digital age is Google AdWords and related Pay Per Click services, such as those run by Bing and Yahoo and many third-tier companies. With these services, advertisers may target people who are searching for a particular service and only pay in the event that they click on your advertisement or only pay when they make a phone call through your ad.

This represents a light-year’s leap forward in efficiency from some of the older advertising platforms, such as Yellow Page advertising.

The benefits of this system are many. First, one only has to pay in proportion to the number of people who express a direct interest in your product or service. This is a great improvement over Yellow Page advertising where you pay in advance and hope to get people interested.

Secondly, one may run several ads concurrently and constantly tweak them as it becomes clear which ads are the most successful in generating customer response. In this way, one is able to continually improve your message to potential customers with continuous feedback from them, in a way that can’t be matched by Yellow Page advertising.

It is true that one can, to some extent, test advertisements that run in newspapers, TV and radio by watching the daily response rate to those ads, but it is much simpler to track specific feedback you can get with Pay Per Click advertisements. If you run two TV, radio or newspaper advertisements on the same day, the only practical way to see which one people are responding to is to advertise different offers on each one or to provide different phone numbers in each advertisement.

These steps are not necessary with Pay Per Click advertising because you can easily see the click-through rate for each advertisement and there are many steps one can take to further track ROI for Pay Per Click ads without going to the trouble of getting separate phone numbers or making separate offers.

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